How we do It

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                                                                                                                                                                                                       Students ...
  • Assistance in the application, audition and acceptance process, regardless of major
  • A platform to upload information, references, and audition videos
  • College directories of music degrees and premier programs
  • A searchable directory of non-institutional scholarships
  • A directory of careers in music
  • Support resources: music entrance exam samples and a repertoire directory appropriate for auditions
Teachers ...
  • Video and printable materials outlining trends in recruiting, auditioning, and scholarship procurement
  • A portal for uploading references
  • US Military performing ensemble recruiters
  • Audition exercises for ensemble participation or individual instruction
  • A support program (Soar Program) for assisting underserved students
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Recruiters ...
  • A searchable database of prospective students, with video solo performances
  • A secure portal for direct contact with students and their parents/teachers
  • A portal for reviewing student references
  • A data management system that allows for the sharing of information between colleagues of the same institution
  • A list of Premier Programs that highlights individual programs within colleges, universities, and conservatories across America
  • A directory of every institution in America that offers music as either a major and/or non-major, as well as, a direct link to the related site of the institution