Does Accoladi promise that I will get a music scholarship by subscribing to its service?

No. Accoladi is a service which has transformed the recruitment process by expanding the potential for students to be found by schools.  We assist students by providing a central place to document their achievements, providing helpful benchmarks they can use to track their progress and assess themselves against acceptance standards of their top school choices.  The process is transformational because profiles are stored in a secure searchable database which is utilized heavily by colleges to identify, engage, and recruit students.

Is Accoladi owned and/or financially supported by any educational institution and/or association?

No. Accoladi is a for-profit company based in Nashville, Tennessee.  We do not accept any payment, sponsorship, placement fee or incentives of any kind from higher educational institutions to utilize the online platform.  Our mission is level the playing field for access to higher education. We believe open access to all institutions maximizes the benefit to students.

Does Accoladi have qualified individuals in the Fine Arts educational field running the company and setting its policies?

Yes, Accoladi was developed through comprehensive research and a technological development process which included detailed research with high school band directors, teachers, families, and higher educational institutions of every size.  Our staff consists of music educators, band parents, technology developers, and business people who are dedicated to the mission of Accoladi. 

Do schools pay to be presented in the Premier Programs listing?

No, Accoladi has researched and evaluated programs from across the United States and made its own determination of the Premier Programs based on its own criteria of achievement.

How much does the subscription cost?

Our prices vary depending on which level you subscribe to. See our pricing page for details.

What are the benefits of subscribing to this site as a 7th or 8th grader?

Colleges actively monitor high performing students from the 7th and 8th grade and often want to encourage them to attend their own development programs such as summer camps.  Establishing a profile early allows active schools the opportunity to find students and to increase their engagement with the type of student they want to recruit.

Why should I subscribe to this site before I decide if I want to major in music?

Collegiate acceptance and the potential for scholarships are not limited to only music majors.  Many non-music majors receive significant financial assistance while still participating in performing arts programs.  We strive to help students find the right “fit” and to have options of being found by schools other than those you are aware of now.  The bottom-line is, if you are a talented performing arts student, we suggest keeping your profile up to date and your options open.

If I know that I am not going to major in music how can a subscription to this site benefit me?

Many institutions offer music scholarships even if the student is not majoring in music or if the college/university does not offer a major in music.  If it is for the latter, then it should be noted that these institutions are very purposeful in finding students to complete their ensembles.  

How long will it be before I hear from a college recruiter once I have subscribed to this service?

Your answer will vary by your grade level, talent, camp participation, and other factors, but colleges actively monitor students from as early as the 7th grade.

In choosing audition repertoire should I work from the college requirements list, my All-State requirements list, or the Accoladi suggested repertoire list?

While we have researched repertoire requirements for many schools, we recommend that you carefully review the repertoire of your preferred college to ensure you have a complete understanding of each school’s requirements.  If there is no required list from this institution then use your All-State requirements list, supplemented by the Repertoire Directory that you will find on Accoladi.  Remember, if you use only the All-State requirements list you will be competing on the same playing field as every other person from your state who is relying only on this list; step out and give yourself some advantages by selecting additional repertoire.

Will I be able to see other student’s profiles and be able to compare my audition with theirs?

No, information posted is shared only with potential college/university recruiters for the purpose of introductions and reviews.

Is the student limited to the number of schools that he/she can respond to?

No, not at all.

If I post a solid video audition, will I also have to perform a live audition on the college campus as well?

Yes, but a quality performance or audition video helps to complete and/or maintain your profile and can improve your level of engagement with schools.  Schools utilize Accoladi to screen and engage with students of interest.

Must a professional videographer produce my video audition?

No. You do not need a professional videographer. Even a smartphone can produce an acceptable quality video, see our article 7 Tips to Ace Your College Pre-Screen Audition Video.

Can I update my video performance to show my best performance?

Yes, of course. You may replace your video and modify your profile as often as you want. Note that it is a one-camera shoot and editing is not permitted.  However, the great aspect of posting a video audition is that you can perform the selection time and time again until you get the best audition performance. Then this unedited performance will be the one that you will want to post.

Should I subscribe to this service if I do not have a video audition to post?

Yes, while we encourage all students to submit videos, it is not a requirement.  Equally important is a fully up-to-date profile listing your achievements, training, and talents.

Why should I post audition material for each grade level when it is only the repertoire of an 11th or 12th grader that the college recruiter is interested in?

A student’s progression or development is an important criterion as a college reviews a student profile. Students with videos posted to their profile offer a more robust view of a student and allows them to stand out from others.